Ti Series amplifiers provide remote monitoring and control for a variety of fixed installation applications. Sound quality is maintained over a very wide range of load and temperature conditions. Low distortion optical limiters with automatic response times, ensure speaker protection whilst maintaining transparent sonic performance.
All models include remote level, mute, standby and load/status monitoring. GPIO ports on each amplifier allow for “stand alone” reporting of fault conditions, or simple remote control of local level, along with emergency muting for public safety-critical applications. Additionally, the front panel gain controls can be disabled for maximum security.
In conjunction with one of the Ti Breakout devices, a system can take care of itself, with the Breakout checking all the connected amplifiers and reporting any problems through the network and/or via a local warning mechanism.

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Number of channels 2
Output Power: (per channel)
8 ohms     1000W
4 ohms     1850W
2 ohms     N/A
Output Power: (bridged)
8 ohms     3700W
4 ohms     N/A
THD%: (@1dB below max output)
@ 1kHz     < 0.008%
20Hz to 20kHz     < 0.05%
Gain / Sensitivity:
Gain     32/36dB
Sensitivity (for max power)     +9/5dBu (2.20/1.40V)
Frequency Response:     20Hz to 20kHz (+ 0/- 0.5dB)
Power Consumption: (< 5W in standby)
Nominal @ 240v into 4 ohms     4.2A
Nominal @ 120v into 4 ohms     8.4A

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