3400 W continuous program power capacity | 116 mm (4.5 in) split winding aluminium voicecoil 32 – 1000 Hz response 97 dB sensitivity. Double silicone spider with optimized compliance!

Hight Quality

AllMusic offers high-quality products such as speakers and subwoofers, designed for audiophiles and industry professionals looking for superior audio performance and elegant design.

Powerful Performance

Focused on powerful performance and sound clarity, our products enhance every listening experience. Each device is built with cutting-edge technology for unparalleled sound.

Intuitive Design

Our devices feature a user-friendly interface and appealing aesthetics improving the overall customer experience, making the use of devices more pleasant and simple.

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What our customers say about us

Very professional! Essential for the success of a professional audio system!


Qualified staff who can give you good advice to solve all the problems for audio installations and live events.


Gran compañía, con productos de primera calidad y precios muy competitivos!


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