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We believe that the best shows are not just about what we do, but also how we do it. The live sound industry is a booming one with a wide variety of equipment that is used for live performances. A live performance can be anything from a concert, to a sports event, to corporate meetings and trade shows. Sound technicians and engineers around the world create audio experiences that enhance performances. They also complement the atmosphere with lighting and video for all attendees.

Live Sound is everywhere and more than just the act on stage: it is the success of an event.

What are the three essential factors for a great live sound? Make sure your audience can see you, that the sound is loud enough and that the sound is even. If you're new to the live sound world, precision is a key feature of the instruments you are going to use. AllMusic Group can provide you with the best live instruments, accessories and live sound equipment to help you get started!

Portable Sound System

The live sound industry is growing rapidly and the demand for portable sound systems in live events is also on the rise. The portable sound system has made it possible to travel with a system that can be set up in a matter of minutes, without any cables or extra equipment. These systems have become an essential part of Live Sound. 

Whether you are in a bar, a theater, or even just hosting a party at home, sound is important. It not only enhances the overall experience of the event but also helps provide the right ambiance. What better way to enhance your event with the right sound system than to choose portable live sound? It can be used in many different scenarios without compromising on quality. 

A portable sound system consists of speakers (or multiple speakers), pa speakers, amplifiers, amp, and microphones mainly, plus some other accessories. Its sound quality depends on the size of the speaker cone, its frequency response range, and how well it handles power-handling capacity. In short, it is a device that helps to produce and reproduce sounds in a very efficient way.

How much does a Portable Sound System cost?

If you’re shopping for a new sound system for your new workplace, you should be asking yourself some important questions. What kind of space do you need? How many people will be using the system? How big is your budget? What are the quality standards of the PA system? All these questions and more will determine how much this device costs.

You don’t need to break the bank to get a good PA system. There are plenty of good-quality systems on the market. It depends mainly on the brand. Check out our proposals in AllMusic Group Stores and you will find brands such as JBL and ANT.

What's the best Portable Sound System?

The best portable sound system for you depends on the kind of music you like, your budget, and the way you listen to music. There are many different types of speakers and even more things to consider when purchasing a sound system. 

They are great for parties, performing arts acts and even business applications. If there's a question of whether you should go with the "home" system or purchase a professional one. It can all be answered by your budget! The less money you have to spend on equipment, the cheaper it will be. In particular, you can find many affordable Portable PA Systems. 

PA System

Live sound is a fundamental part of the entertainment industry. Live music and events require good quality PA systems for effective sound transmission. There are several factors that determine the performance of a PA system, such as number of speakers, efficiency, and power consumption. 

It’s a lot easier to use a PA system live than you think. The fact is that it isn’t just some kind of tool for your band to project sound and so on. You can actually improve the quality of the whole show by using a good PA. Here are 3 tips how to make your own PA and prepare yourself for live shows: 

Sound Quality: That’s the most important part of a PA system! It is not easy to find the right sound but don't neglect it.

Onboard or Portable?: Portable systems are lightweight, compact and easy to set up. Onboard systems come with their own power supply, but they need more work in the quieter parts of a show where you might use them. 

Sound System: Buy the best one. Sound systems can be expensive, but this is where you get what you pay for! Make sure it is a good match to your PA and look into brands like JBL or Ciare.

Column PA Systems

What are Column PA Systems? Why are they so important for the performance of a live sound system? They are automated loudspeakers that give you the option to play different mixes depending on the stage setup. They have five inputs and outputs that allow you to easily add and switch between different sounds while keeping track of your current setup. Column PA systems are a self-contained system that can be easily moved and installed in a specific location. The entire system is mounted on a single column which stands vertically, resting on the ground or any other surface. A unit can be easily connected to the main power supply via a single cable (or more than one depending on the requirements of the user). 

A quality live sound system will help ensure that your audience is able to hear everything clearly, so investing in column PA systems should definitely be part of any touring musician's gear list.

Are column PA systems good?

Column PA systems are ideal for situations where installation space is a constraint, such as when mounting to the ceiling. They are mostly used in schools, homes, but they also have their place in professional spaces. They’re easy to install and a lot of them come with mobile apps that make managing your sound system even easier. Column PA systems are an excellent investment that will improve the sound quality of your space. They will also allow you to save on expensive speakers and amplifiers, which is a big plus for anyone who is trying to save money in their home or office.

The future of PA systems is very bright, but it all depends on what you need your system to do. To make sure that you're getting the best device for your needs, we recommend that you ask yourself these questions: Do I need a portable PA system? Do I need a column-style or line array? How much volume can I handle? What kind of venues will I be using my PA system in? Which column pa systems do you think are good? Let us know, so we can be able to assist you in the best way with our new arrivals!

Brands selling live sound devices

If you are planning to buy live sound equipment, then there are plenty of brands out there to choose from. However, not all of them are worth your money, and you'll have to take your time in selecting the best live sound devices for your budget and requirements. Among the most well-known brands there are JBL, Ciare, ANT, dB Technologies. Check all products and bundles on AllMusic Group; we sell in the United States and Latin America (LATAM).

For any questions or necessities do not hesitate to contact our customer care assistance via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest. We will be able to assist you in many languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. We are available and will wait for you!

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